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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I usually set up my podcast playlist on a Sunday night, ready for the working week ahead. I find that podcasts are a great way for to stay productive while "on the go". I also love syncing up my podcasts with my other half, comparing notes at the days end (nerds I know).

I have compiled a list of my favourite podcasts on all things fashion, psychology and business, and included some of my favourite episodes.

If you have come across any other great podcasts, leave me a comment, or drop me an email. I would love to hear from you!

Wardrobe Crisis with Clare Press

One of (if not the best) podcasts out there.

Clare Press speaks to such a range of guests, and covers everything from fashion, culture, sustainability, ethics, activism and the environment.

Not much else to say really - just be sure to check it out yourself!

Undressing Fashion

This podcast is one of the first (only one I have stumbled across anyway) to focus on psychology and fashion.

Hosts, Megan Bolotin and Eden Clingman, delve into the influential role of fashion, interpreting the psychological research, all while interviewing some fascinating guests.

My recommendations:

  • Ep. 1 which not only introduces the podcast and its hosts, but examines what is psychology, and why do we want to analyse fashion from a psychological perspective?

  • Ep. 4 which examines the psychology behind shopping, and what influences our purchasing decisions

  • Ep. 5 with Dr Carolyn Mair, undoubtably the pioneer of the field of the psychology of fashion

Fashion Originators Podcast with Stephanie Irwin

Stephanie Irwin conducts interviews with fashion start-ups and entrepreneurs, while also sharing her own ideas, views and experiences.

This podcasts is encouraging and engaging, offering honest and achievable advice for you personally, and for your career.

I was lucky enough to attend the live recording of the episode What sustainable fashion really means? ft. Amadeus Bijoux, Gung Ho London, Lone Design Club (highly recommend listening), and have also met Stephanie (virtually) during a Instagram Live.

Green Dreamer: Sustainability and Regeneration from Ideas to Life with Kamea Chayne

If you have an interest in sustainability, and want to find out how to align your love for the planet with your choices; how to turn awareness into action; and how to stay positive, motivated, and activated when feeling discouraged, then take a listen to this podcast.

Kamea Chayne converses with a wide range of inspiring thought leaders and pioneers in sustainability and regeneration. You are bound to find something of interest to you.

Business of Fashion Podcast

The 'Business of Fashion' (BOF) itself is a daily source of all things business and fashion. Their podcast simply offers an additional dose, and an extension of their already great website.

Speaking of Psychology

Produced by the American Psychological Association, these podcasts look at the latest, and most relevant psychological research.

While all of their topics are interesting, my recommendations related to "Fashion + Psychology" include:

  • Ep. 88 on What Guides Our Buying Behaviours, with psychologist Kit Yarrow. The episodes looks at why and how we buy things, from a consumer and brand perspective.

  • Ep. 83 with one of my favourites, cognitive psychologist Carolyn Mair, discussing the Psychology of Fashion. Mair explains the psychology behind our fashion choices and why psychologists are needed to help solve some of the biggest challenges facing the fashion industry now and in the future.

Nobody Panic

The really great thing about this podcast is that you feel like you are amongst friends.

Comedian hosts Stevie Martin and Tessa Coates offer advice on how to become a fully functioning adult. They cover some really useful and relatable topics, my favourites including How to Break Up with Fast Fashion - with Lauren Bravo, How to Deal with Imposter Syndrome and The Nobody Panic Guided Run (this one will have you laughing from start to finish).

Conscious Chatter with Kestral Jenkins

Conscious Chatter is just as the name suggests - a podcast focusing on insightful, and informative conversations about what we wear, and how we can all positively change the garment industry.

Pre-loved Podcast

Hosted by Emily Stochl, this podcast covers everything from vintage, sustainability, slow fashion, to running a fashion business.

There are some fantastic guests from Clare Press, Elizabeth Cline and Lauren Bravo.

One off episodes -

BBC Radio 4 Mora Maze - The Morality of Fashion


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